IreckonU Real-time Service Bus.

The IreckonU Real-time Service Bus offers a solution that does in fact enable the existing software programs from a range of suppliers that hotels are already using to communicate with one another. The result is a system that elevates the guest experience which, in turn, increases loyalty towards the hotel. And that ultimately is the crux of the mater: a satisfied customer who will come back. This will help hotels generate a substantially greater amount of turnover from their guests. IT is crucial to this growth, linking the various systems together and facilitating a user-friendly experience for hotel staff. Information can be processed more quickly and

The IreckonU Real-time Service Bus solution can seamlessly integrate your various systems. The system is centered around passengers and the overall visitor experience. Its underlying technological solutions. Ensure a uniform system that enables Hotels to optimally serve their guests. For example, the system can ensure a properly functioning and hotel rooms for all guest. In the event that the entertainment system or climate control system are malfunctioning or the room hasn’t been cleaned before arrival, the underlying system will be aware of this information and will not generate a room key before the problems have been resolved.

Guests are not just room numbers.

With IreckonU, the world’s most personal software solution, you will get to know your customers as human beings. IreckonU creates the possibility to fulfill your guests’ wishes before they have even made them, through the intelligent software system that optimizes guest experience, manages issues and keeps track of your costs.

The system recognizes your guests and uses information gathered from previous stays and gives each individual guest a face. So that room 108, becomes Mr. Johnson, who happens to love a Martini on the balcony after a long day’s work.

The secret is seamlessly connecting the existing software systems that you might already use, creating a practical digital environment that can be managed with just a tap on the screen. The heart of the solution The middleware is the heart of the solution and consists of three standard components.

Technological solution

The IreckonU Real-time Service Bus platform is based around a scalable basic system, which is rooted in Windows Azure. It is a real-time service bus combined with business specific logic. This service bus can be seen as a power strip. All hotel systems — from booking modules on the website to the data from the minibar of the entertainment system in the hotel room — plug in to this power strip. The service bus ensures that systems communicate easily and effectively with each other. This allows the system to isolate functionality and puts the IT manager in control of the system and the services. The system spans the local hotel and the cloud allowing for maximum scalability and connectivity.

The existing systems and services are linked through connectors to the U:Base system. The exisiting systems and systems are rewired to make your system future proof. Since only one connector needs to be changed, replacing or upgrading an existing system is easy. 

The U:Base solution consists of a number of standard building blocks such as:

  • Guest profile
    This is the database for collecting and storing all guest data. This data is traditionally fragmented across systems and services. The data is captured in one database that is supported by a SQLServer. This solutions allows for unique and intelligent guest services.
  • Dashboards
    The Dashboard are developed for your employees. It gives them a personalized view on information relevant to their roles in the hotel. Typical views are marketing and sales, IT and Business performance data..
  • Logic & Business rules
    Aimed at optimizing different components like the focus on the customer, the reservation systems, payment services and room status. This custom implemented component is highly adjustable.
  • Connectors
    A number of standard connectors is available different systems and services. The list of supported platforms is continuously expanded. If a platform of choice is not listed but preferred by a hotel, custom connector services to build connectors are available. Some examples of these connectors include PMS, payment, OTA (, VOIP, in room television system (Guest-tek) and room controls.