It is time to change the way we see our guests forever. Time to look past the mirages that reside in our rooms and see the humans behind them. Every day dozens of guests check into your hotel. Different people from all over the world who have one single thing in common.

They are looking for a home away from home. A safe haven of the highest luxury to relax in, a place to unwind. That is how we as the hotel industry define ‘home’. But it is so much more than that. It is coming home, knowing your favorite drink is waiting for you in the fridge.

Visualizing yourself kicking off your shoes and listening to the track you love best on a super quality stereo installation. It is opening the door and being greeted with trust.

Personal Software

Guests are not just room numbers. With IRECKONU, the world’s most personal software solution, you will get to know your customers as human beings. IRECKONU creates the possibility to fulfill your guests’ wishes before they have even made them, through the intelligent software system that optimizes guest experience, manages issues and keeps track of your costs.

The system recognizes your guests and uses information gathered from previous stays and gives each individual guest a face. So that room 108, becomes Mr. Johnson, who happens to love a Martini on the balcony after a long day’s work.

The secret is seamlessly connecting the existing software systems that you might already use, creating a practical digital environment that can be managed with just a tap on the screen. The heart of the solution The middleware is the heart of the solution and consists of three standard components.


• Guest profile database    
• Monitoring database    
• Queue, retry, scheduling