Additional to these components, the IreckonU solution connects all your existing systems together in one uniform manner to create an easily understandable, simple to use platform that not only takes care of all your guests’ specific needs but also your own.

The software gathers the information from various standard connectors such as PMS, POS, room control and door locks, but also allows you to add your tailored solutions via custom connectors, which mostly consist of your own website and custom apps.

In order to do something useful with all the data obtained from the different systems, we developed several powerful components that actively take care of all the hard work behind the scenes of your hotel.


Check in & Check out

On Check-in, the system assigns an available, well-prepared room. All room components such as TV, network, room control and air conditioning are functioning to provide the optimal experience for your guest. After check out, all room systems are turned off or put in a default state. If a room is malfunctioning or not cleaned, the system will automatically assign your guest to another room that works properly.

Guest preferences

With IRECKONU, you can capture your guests’ preferences and behavior at your hotel. This enables your staff to fulfil the needs of your guest. Using this component the guests’ room can be set to their own preferences in terms of temperature, alarm, TV channels, lighting, and much more.

Key management

We offer you a solution to connect 24v or electronic door locks to the system. This allows you to manage access to the hotels areas in a convenient way. Key management allows assigning functions to key cards like housekeeping, out- of-order, block room, emergency, etc. Besides the maintenance of keys, an audit trail is kept to review who has made changes to what keys. Based on the connected door locks, key management tracks all use of the keys throughout the property.

Climate Management

Automatically bringing down blinds, closing curtains to block the sun, or turning the HVAC to an energy saving state. Climate control becomes easy with IRECKONU actively managing the climate. The system can learn about the optimum state to lower energy and power usage from previous stays from your guests, providing them and yourself with comfort.


Booking rooms via your own website is important. The booking flow is monitored in real time so the web team can take immediate action on failed bookings or bounced users. These bookings will be captured and the web team can store them in the PMS, in case the PMS is offline or unavailable.

Guest experience

Our service goes beyond just the room. Using the guest profile the software creates, your staff is offered information about the preferences of your guest. For example, preferences in food and beverage, use of leisure and health club facilities can be made available to your staff to enhance your guests’ experience. Based on these preferences, specific rooms can be assigned to the guests or alterations can be made to their rooms.